The Best Poker Room

With hundreds of new poker rooms emerging on the net, choosing the best poker site becomes a very important decision. These days you can find many poker rooms to play at and many different poker strategies to learn. Every poker room has something unique to offer and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try every room out. So what’s the best poker room you can play at?

There are several factors to consider :

  1. Finding the right poker room for you is a huge step, so please take a peek at my review of the 2 top poker rooms on the internet (Full Tilt and Cake Poker). I spend considerable time playing at both ‘InstantAction’ and ‘Cake Poker’ and I can vouch for each. I’ve been playing poker for a long time and love the steady income I receive from playing poker. However I have to say that unfortunately Cake Poker has become very sloppy in the past 6 months. They are, for some reason, always having to rethink their algorithm and such things. Every poker room has to invalidate some of the hands that they play, otherwise the game would become extremely mundane.Imagine the instant action lobby.
  2. Are the games run fairly? The games at Cake Poker seem very slow. The instant action lobby seems to move much slower than other poker rooms. It’s quite obvious that they are benefiting from a slow economy.
  3. Does the software run smoothly without crashing? ‘Cake Poker’ has a horrible crashing software. It happens more often than you think.
  4. Do you get adequate customer service? Do they answer their phones when you need them? ‘Cake Poker’ is very slow in this department.
  5. Are there any security issues? Cake Poker had a major security breach a few weeks ago which affected some of their major clients. The response time to inquiries was very slow in the past months as well.

You get the idea. Any of the above poker rooms will suffer from a few bad beats, however the overall acceptability of the software in general is decent. If you are a beginner player it is definitely worth spending your time visiting Cake Poker. At the moment they have lots of new players, which is great for us, but we doubt that this will last for long.

  • PokerStars – hi again juicy players.
  • Full Tilt Poker – still great action at peak times.
  • Cake Poker – need I say more?
  • PokerStars – our number one preferred room.
  • Cake Poker – our number two preferred room.

Some of the best times to play in the poker rooms are during the night. Unfortunately there are some weekends during the week and especially Saturdays which are the most busiest.

Make sure you do understand the bonus requirements when you sign up. You need a bonus code when you make your first deposit and you can’t cash out until you earn a certain standard of play. If you only earn a certain amount you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings until you earn a certain amount, commonly the account level needed to withdraw.

In conclusion I can only suggest playing at the rooms with the most aggressive players as the only way to win is to play in games where the players are not matched. The more competition there is the harder you will have to work to get involved in a game. However, if you are good enough you will not go to any room and drop in a few hundred dollars. The big poker rooms have always had players that nobody else will match up against.

You really need to grow some hair on your chest before you start playing in real money games. You should be a very intelligent player with an analytical outlook on things. You should definitely read as much as possible about pokerace99 strategy and learn about the game. When you learn more than you read you expand your mind’s understanding.

You can only push your knowledge and understanding to the limit if you truly want to become a great player. The standard of play has such a high standard that many players only think that they are ready for the pros if they play for free. When you start playing for real money you will realize that you are still far behind many of the players you are actually playing with.

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