Strategies the Smart Live Casino Player Will Not Use When Playing Live Roulette

The Smart Live Casino player will use several strategies along with the house policy in order to deal with the roulette game, which has a greater house edge than any other game. As European roulette wheels are used in most casinos the house edge is lower than that of American roulette, meaning the Smart Live Casino player will have a better chance of winning money.

The strategies the player will use at the roulette table are specifically designed to decrease the probability of the house winning and therefore have a greater chance of winning money back for their efforts. Obviously if the casino intends to profit in any given scenario they will have a house edge, therefore using these strategies it is possible for the player to win money even when losing.

One of the most used and widely used casino strategies used is known as the Martingale system when playing the game of roulette. The basic premise of this system is that if a player continues to bet on a particular number, i.e. red, when the wheel has already thrown up another zero the player will keep betting on the same number. The number keeps on going, around 36-38 more numbers are produced in the wheel before the player can get his winning turn.

On the surface it seems this strategy will work when applied correctly, however there are two conditions which the player must not ignore when using this system. Firstly the player needs to bet on the same number for a larger amount of time, meaning they must be willing to lose a certain amount in the process. Secondly the player cannot bet on the same number for two completely different reasons. For example, they could be betting on red because they expect the ball to land on black and for the same reason they would like to bet on black.

Other roulette systems will work, but are not as accurate as this method. Some gambling casinos offer a rule called the Dozen Bet. This rule means the player can bet on the first, second or third set of 12 numbers. If the player wins he is allowed to keep the winnings, but is not allowed to double his winnings.

In European roulette there is only one 0, not two as in American roulette. Because of this the player receives a slightly better chance of winning. The player can place a number or a range of numbers and then another bet on the same range or numbers.

This combination of betting options is the best for making money and winning roulette is really rather straightforward. It can be played at almost any cash casino by video AMI – check out Quic kCash Casino, you will be able to see the casino though you’re connection to the internet is succumb to your country or region so I recommend that you first play at a land-based Bolagila. If you do decide to play online, make sure you find a reputable site and DON’T fall for spam – spam bots are known to attack gambling sites by sending bogus invitations to gambling sites, in many cases they are just conjured up in order to trick you into giving your credit card details and more often than not they are bogus offers.

Playing online roulette is simple and with serious roulette players spending a little time choosing a table, a bankroll and planning the best way to bet can make a difference in the players experience of the game. Remember where you are when you sign up for a new account, remember your Birthday and most importantly remember you are playing to win and not to lose.

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